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Olive Seedlings

Alongside our olive oil production, we also offer the opportunity to those interested in living the dream of the brazilian olive growing with us. Through Tecnoplanta, we offer a complete package of solution for implantation of olive groves in Brazil, supplying olive seedlings, provision of planting services, technical assistance, commercialization of inputs and machines for harvesting.

For the small investor, who wants to offer his production or have his own olive oil without installing a mill, we guarantee the purchase of his fruit or we provide the service for extracting his own extra virgin olive oil. Just as the great investor can count on us in the necessary guidelines to his project of production and elaboration of extra virgin olive oil to prosper as much as ours.

Check out below the main qualitative differences of our olive seedlings:

The first pruning done in our nursery makes life easier in the field, avoiding unnecessary expenses in waiting for the seedlings to grow until this point, to then carry out the job.

The standard height of our seedlings ensures a more uniform and easy to work olive grove. Because it has already been tied up in the nursery, it saves time lost in several lashings made according to its grouwth, this work is unnecessary in case of planting our olive seedlings.
In addition, lashing in the nursery is more controlled, ensuring a more vertical trunk and facilitating a future mechanized harvest using vibrating tongs, without damaging the plant structure.

The right amount of substrate, fully rooted, ensures an acclimated olive seedling with high chances of survival, in perfect harmony with its structure of branches and leaves.
Our substrate is made of canadian peat and vermiculite, being light and of great aeration, guaranteeing a rapid growth after planting.

Watch our institutional video below and get to know a  little more about our work:

Prosperato - Emporium and Lagar

BR 290, Km 327  - Vila Progresso

Caçapava do Sul/RS - Brazil

Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm


Tecnoplanta - Headquarters and seedling nursery

Av. pres. Castelo Branco, 601 - Three Sales

Barra do Ribeiro/RS - Brazil

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5:30 pm

Telephone:  51 3482-1226

Mobile: 51 99577-7790



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